*Release Dates Are Subject To Change

                                          MARCH 2017

3/3   Nintendo Switch Console

3/7   NIER Automata   PS4

        Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands  PS4/XB1

        Lego Worlds   PS4/XB1

3/14 STYX Shard of Darkness   PS4/XB1

        Danganronpa 1-2 Reload   PS4

        R Star Trek Brideg Crew    PVR

3/17 The Binding of Issac Rebirth  SWI

3/21 Mass Effect Andromeda    PS4/XB1

        Toukiden 2    PS4/PSV

        Troll & I       PS4/XB1

        Disgaea 5 Complete    SWI

3/22 This is the Police   PS4/XB1

3/24 Mario Sports Superstars    3DS

3/28 Don't Starve     PS4/XB1

        God Wars Future Past    PS4/PSV

        MLB 17 The Show     PS4

        Darksiders Warmastered     WIIU

3/31 WRC6      PS4/XB1

                                         APRIL 2017

4/4   Persona 5     PS3/PS4

4/11 Stardew Valley      PS4/XB1        

4/21 Micro Machines World Series   PS4/XB1

4/25 PUYO PUYO Tetris      PS4/SWI